Olive Juice.

Before Leland and I started to really date we were just friends and we couldn’t/wouldn’t say I love you. So, we would say…

Free cookie
Thumbs up
Less than three < 3
Olive Juice.

I like to think we didn’t say I love you because we knew that even if we did say those overly used drama burden of mumbled words they wouldn’t be enough to express what we wanted to say to each other.

Which in the end was



My Ten [real] Reasons I Should Run

Lately, I’ve been fighting the thought of running in the mornings. (When I say running I really mean me starting at a running pace then end up power(ish) walking)
Any who, I found myself googling “reasons to run”, what came up was a bunch of silly reasons, few fun facts, personal stories, lies. Whatever. I figured I should make my own silly list that will motivate me to meh-be run. Notice I still haven’t committed yet.


1. Rather not have love handles.
2. Louie (my dog) is crazy in the morning and I bet it will help calm him down.
3. I get to talk to myself.
4. I don’t have to talk to others.
5. It gives me a reason to by attractive work out clothes. + (Justifies wearing yoga pants all the time)
6. It seems like rich people run.
7. Someone told me it makes you more happy.
8. Preparing for some kind of natural disaster where running will be required.
9. Perky boobs.
10. Wanting to be called a runner/signing up for a 10k like a champ!



Centreville, NOT Centerville.

Guess what!? I moved to Centreville, Virginia. Right snug next to Washington, D.C. Isn’t that grand? Yeah. It is. Leland, Louie, and I all piled in the Horchata (our medium sized white Honda Santa Fe) and drove three days, had at least 6 Star bucks stops, learned that Louie knows how to howl, one hotel, one hotel parking lot (that was terrifying), 2,324 miles, Leland cussing at Siri in the last ten miles, all of that and we finally made it! Fotagraphs1 However, this is only a summer gig. Summer is almost up so soon Leland, Louie, and I are going to pile into Horchata once again and drive those familiar miles back to good ol’ Utah…

But not yet!

I have to say if you haven’t picked up your entire life and went somewhere else and tried something completely new. You should do it. Hate it. Miss everyone, everything. Then you will learn to get over it. Find yourself. Love the people you are with. Learn the roads. Find a friend. Make yourself better and… Soon you become a lover of Virginia.

Don’t cha know.


Limbo 2k14

Limbo to my best knowledge is a time where you have no idea of anything. Limbo 2k14 is basically a strange time for college Seniors that have worked their butts for four years and are killing themselves over 19 credits to make sure they graduate on time…. but in the back of their minds they have no idea about anything. Absolutely, no clue. None. NO idea of the next reality. Right now I am in Limbo 2k14 and also seeing a lot of my comrades in the same situation. We have very similar feelings in Limbo 2k14, fear, hope, taxes, and annoying questions (What are you going to do after you graduate? Are you going to get your Masters or start a family?)  The underlining meaning of those questions are “Hope you had fun sucker, because that is now over. Welcome to the real world and not the one on MTV!” Tagged with peoples own opinions on what you are going to do next. Not only are all in Limbo 2k14 we are all trying to overcome it. Here are a few ways that I have been dealing with/seen others deal with Limbo 2k14. TOP THREE WAYS TO DEAL WITH LIMBO 2k14

  1. Always thinking about the FUTURE! This is probably the most popular way to deal. You sit and google masters programs, internships, jobs, how to write a resume. Then you find an amazing opportunity and think THIS IS IT. My way of answering all of those annoying questions (Mentioned earlier). My amigo Haylee Wilkes (Shout out! This is one cool chick, I hope I make it into her book one day.) said “You can think yourself into a hole” Ain’t that the TRUTH. So, I’ve come to the conclusion to stop thinking… well for the most part.
  2. My Freshman year… Where you remember everything from your freshman and for a split second you wish you could go back! Not very wisely you convert back, quit your job, stay up late, turns into a “Ehhh I can turn that in late.” (Which you cannot turn late assignments in a 4100 class) BAD IDEAS come running back and instead of focusing you say “well its my last semester and I want to make it crazy.”  Once again BAD IDEA.
  3. We all become philosophers/photographer/bloggers…. you get the point. I don’t need to explain this one. I completely support this mostly because I am a part of it. I am at an amazing point in life to create what I want. I use to think that this was silly and frankly STUPID but it’s not. Show off what you want, make homemade rings, take some amazing pictures, do something to inspire others. To all those like me that thought it was stupid, support those philosophers, photographer, and bloggers because one day we might all have kids, work long hours and forget what that creative drive feels like. So, do not kill it. Support it.

From one Limbo 2k14 victim to the next, good luck. You can do it, and don’t forget to check out my resume;) Love, Fota Pinecone Mulitalo