Hell.oh great this again

If you have been reading this blog you know I am in a weird stage in my life. No matter how off beat it is, I’ve learned to love it!

What I HAVEN’T learned to love it the causal conversations that require me to expose my life for others to understand. This usually starts with the lovely word. “Hello”.

Hello has slowly turned into “Hell.oh great this is happening again”.

So, I figured I would go over this once and for all.

Here we go everyone. The explanation of my crazy little life.

First, I am engaged been engaged since December. {This is weird because we are in Utah which means engagements usually last about two months give or take a month} Our engagement will be 13 months, because my dad is deployed over seas.

However, I live 101 miles away from the love of my life. Which means I live with my mom in Riverton, Utah. He lives in Logan, Utah.


Wait it gets even better I work for Dixie State University as a Northern Recruiter which I love and guess what!? Leland {love of my life} is an Ambassador at Utah State University.

That’s that maybe it isn’t as bad as I am making it. Isn’t it strange though how something so common as a Hello has become a buzz in my ear but no matter the annoyance. Later on in life it won’t be an annoyance anymore but a silly funny memory.

Soon in 4 months I get to say hello to the love of my life and never have to say good bye.

Hotel lyfe.

Roosevelt, Utah. The place where I became fearless.

In Roosevelt Utah there is a very ummm curious hotel it is smushed between a Mexican restaurant and a semi-nice hotel. The room I stayed in was a messed it looked like a scene from a scary movie. The lock was broken, there were stains on the wall, bathroom was disturbing, it smelled a bit like sadness, had a few holes in the walls that were filled in with a bad stucco job, oh and did I mention the lock was BROKEN. Basically, I was scared out of my mind. So, like normal person in a questionable hotel I turned on the TV. Made my luggage look like a person in the queen bed next to my bed and grabbed a pen in case an emergency presented itself. (Aka a huge scary man with an ax) I called Leland he calmed me down then I started to watch what was on TV which was Naked & Afraid! OMG I Fota Mulitalo was one of those things… Afraid!

Slowly I realized I am not the only one in the world that is afraid.

Yes, these people were on a reality show but others in the world. I mean people everywhere are afraid and here I was afraid of other people. Instead of fear in my heart it was compassion and gratefulness. I was grateful to have a place to sleep and a pen to hold. I was grateful to know someone I could call and count on. I was not afraid anymore.

My brain relaxed my body still a little nervy but my emotions were understood. My eyes closed and I slept. No nightmares just pure sleep I can’t remember the last time I slept like that. I felt fearless. I felt empowered. I felt humbled. I now can say hotel shmotel. Things could be worse but my life is great.


Olive Juice.

Before Leland and I started to really date we were just friends and we couldn’t/wouldn’t say I love you. So, we would say…

Free cookie
Thumbs up
Less than three < 3
Olive Juice.

I like to think we didn’t say I love you because we knew that even if we did say those overly used drama burden of mumbled words they wouldn’t be enough to express what we wanted to say to each other.

Which in the end was