Day Ten: Something in a Jar



Day Nine: An Animal Doing Something Humans Do


You got this Lizard!!! Keep running that 5k!

Day Eight: A Cross Section

Cross Section of my imagination… I know that is quite a stretch.

I just free styled today. Hope you like it I am planning on adding some paint to it later.


Day Seven: An Insect


Day Six: A Word

I had a hard time figuring out what word to draw.

First word I tried to draw – super cookie (weird I know, probably a bands name)

Second word I tried to draw – moon

Last and committed to it was – dunno (Since I didn’t know what to do.)

IMG_7366IMG_7364 IMG_7363

Day Five: Recipe Instructions


It was hard for me to think of a recipe since I DO NOT COOK.

However, I came up with how to boil an egg.

Funny story! It was the first Easter Sunday Leland and I would be together so I thought I would make egg sandwiches to celebrate. I figured you only needed to boil eggs for 5 minutes. I was soooo WRONG. I cracked the eggs to peel them and they were so yolky.

I was heart broken. Luckily, Leland didn’t fall in love with me for my cooking. I think we ended up going to his moms house and he cooked some dinner. I am so grateful for him.

Anyways, point of this story boil eggs for 15 minutes and don’t try to be something you are not.


Love you weirdos!

Happy I am caught up with this #15daydrawingchallenge till tomorrow.

Day Four: Something Found on the Ground

IMG_7345 IMG_7346


Keep It Simple Stupid

“One of thems a little whoopis..” said Leland Rasmussen

My mans famous!

Day Three: Favorite Thing to Wear

IMG_7330 IMG_7329

My most favorite thing to wear (besides my engagement ring) is this 13 dollar watch from Walmart. It is over sized, the front is broken a little, but continues to tell me the time and if I lose it I can always find another at Walmart.

Happy fifth of November! Hope all of you weirdos watched V for Vendetta.


Day Two: An Animal

IMG_0921 IMG_0920

Lil family of foxes.

Dedicated to Mr. Louie Pure Shadow Vuitton


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